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Ladbon Fragari

Front-End Developer

I am powered by high code quality and have a great interest in developing applications according to TDD and with device tests. As a person, I am unpretentious, knowledge-seeking, social and a much-appreciated team member.

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Adam Salonen

Agile Lead / Game Producer

I have worked as a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Producer in tech for 5 years. The experience ranges from heavy technical projects in Web and App development, to Game development, and the preliminary focus lies in delivery.

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Louise Callenberg


Experienced Chief Commercial Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, IT Strategy, International Relations, Management, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Strong operations professional with a Teol kand focused in religious studies from Uppsala universitet.

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Axel Hultman

Full-Stack Developer

Experienced Engineer with a demonstrated history of leading product development in taking concepts to reality. Passionate about building new digital and physical products. Analytical, open-minded, social and creative.

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Magnus Espersson

Senior Embedded Developer

Driven system developer that for the past ten years have been working with an array of different tasks related to embedded systems. Magnus is powered by high code quality and has a great interest in developing applications according to TDD and sharing knowledge with processes like code reviewing. As a person, he is unpretentious, knowledge-seeking and a much-appreciated team member.

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Mathias Keding

Agile Coach

I am an experienced leader with over 15 years of experience from the consulting industry and countless assignments in the industry. My primary strengths are in the management of teams and organizations. To lift the team and create the best conditions for long-term delivery. I am driven by the full ability of all people to act independently and bring out maximum value together.


Daniel Thysell

Agile Coach

I want to create the best customer experience. By that I mean that our customers are not only limited to those who buy our services but also include our employees.

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Patric Hjorth

Frontend Developer

Engineer with a history of leading frontend development. Passionate about the 'how' in creating products and taking on new challenges. Intuitive, open-minded and a joy to have around.

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Hannah Maltkvist

Full Stack Developer

Junior Engineer with a background in legacy systems, design, and hackathons. Always excited to tackle complex challenges with an analytical and collaborative problem solving style. I do my best work as part of a team! Passionate about modernization, testing, and code quality. Knowledge and experience within the following industries: telecommunications, hospitality, maritime transport, pharmaceutical, and medical.

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Araz Farkosh

Project Lead

I am a social person who easily gets contact with people and love to create new contacts and relationships. Competitive with long sales experience and corporate experience. Studied and worked with digital development. I'm structured, stress resistant and can very easily start and lead projects to good results. Committed and ambitious, never satisfied with okay, always striving to improve me and my surroundings.

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Sandra Abi-Khalil

Agile Coach

A very sociable person who has an easy time interacting with people, both individually and as part of a group. With an interest in how most things work, have taken the chance to work in a variety of different opportunities. Eventually found that she could combine several of her fondest interests in scrum mastering and facilitation of agile transformations; psychology and people, technology and that itching need for constant improvement.

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Kajsa Harnesk

Team lead / Product Owner

Driven by my interest in finding peoples needs and potential for improvement, I want to find solutions that best solve the problem! I have worked as a Delivery Lead, Team Lead and Product Owner, either developing a team and the individuals in it or the product to their best potential.

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