The Singula Way

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You're in great company.

See what our people say about Singula

You rarely get to participate in the development of your company. This is the chance we have to create something we can be proud of.

Ladbon Fragari - Senior Front-end Developer

To me Singula means ambitious, new, exicting, and maybe a little crazy. That to me is the recipe for changing a landscape. We are not afraid of doing things out of the box, and that is why we will succeed.

Adam Salonen - Game Producer

Singula for me is where I belong. Where my values, beliefs and potential align.

Louise Callenberg - CEO Singula

Why join Singula?

Here are some of the reasons you should consider joining us.

No managers or hierarchies

At Singula, we do not have managers. Everyone has authority and responsibility for their and the company's development.

Great benefits & compensation package

We believe in simplicity. That is why everyone at Singula has the same base salary. On top of that we have profit sharing.

Space to grow

Without managers & hierarchies

Salary 53200 SEK/month
Profit sharing
No hierarchies

Invite only

You can only join Singula by invitation

accounts security protection safety privacy lock login key profile account dating

You are invited

Someone from Singula contacts you and shares a link to apply.

business start up recruit recruitment hiring employment resume

Application review

Our team reviews your application and you get feedback from us.

business start up promotion increase management employment

You are accepted

If you are accepted you enter onboarding and start the journey to become member of Singula.

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