Hannah Maltkvist

Software Engineer
Engineer with a background in design and hackathons. Always excited to tackle complex challenges with an analytical and collaborative problem solving style. I do my best work as part of a team! Passionate about modernization, testing, and code quality. Knowledge and experience within the following industries: telecommunications, hospitality, maritime transport, pharmaceutical, and medical.

Contact us for complete list of assignments and other details.

Key skills


Javascript, React, Typescript, Next, Vue, Node, HTML/CSS, Java, .NET, C#, C++, SQL, Python, Process Engineering, Research, Hackathons

Tools & Methods

Travis, Jarvis, Bootstrap, Storybook, Cypress, Jest, Docker, Grafana, Azure DevOps, Android, Maven, JUnit, Springboot, OpenCV, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, Miro, Figma, Canva, Wordpress, Squarespace, Adobe XD

Way of Working

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, TFD, CI/CD

Assignments in focus

Contact us for complete record of assignments


Full Stack Developer

Stena Line
2021-09 to 2022-05
Worked in a cross-functional team to draft, create, and iterate on MVP for the ongoing modernization project. Collaborated across multiple international teams within the company as well as presenting results to stakeholders for their input regularly.

React, Typescript, C#, .NET, Jest, Cypress, Azure, Docker, TDD, CI/CD, Scrum, UI/UX, user testing


Research & Development Intern

2021-06 to 2021-08
Worked in a team of interns to create dashboard for monitoring code metrics. This included: implementing new metrics to improve DevOps efficiency, implementing more cohesive failure monitoring, as well as ability to set alerts for catastrophic errors.

C++, Grafana, InfluxDB, Jenkins


Research & Development Intern

2020-06 to 2020-08
Worked with a partner to create a parallel testing tool which cut unit test runtime by half. The tool was integrated into the project's CI/CD flow.

Python, Bash, CI/CD, parallelization, DevOps


Hackathon Consultant

openhack - coding for humanity

2019-02 to 2021-02

Work in a team to create internal hackathons for companies, as well as hackathons open to the public, physical, hybrid, or remote.

Project Management, Marketing & PR, Event Management, Graphic Design, Partner Acquisition


Teaching Assistant

Göteborgs Universitiet
2019-08 to 2021-12
Assisted in teaching the following classes: Object Oriented Programming, Data Management, Web & Mobile Development, Systems Development, and Requirements & User Experience

Java, Javascript, Vue, SQL, C++, Requirements Engineering, UI/UX design

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