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Axel Hultman

Full Stack Developer
Experienced Engineer with a demonstrated history of leading product development in taking concepts to reality. Passionate about building new digital and
physical products. Analytical, open-minded, social and creative.

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Key skills


Typescript, Javascript, React, React Native, Serverless Architecture, Micoservices Architecture, Cloud Services, Web development, UX, full-stack

Tools & Methods

Next.js, Node.js, Jest, GraphQL

Way of Working

Agile, Scrum, TDD, CI/CD

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Assignments in focus

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Full Stack React Native Developer

2022-01 to ongoing
Full-Stack App Development with React Native and Node. Assignment focused around coaching junior developers and off-load responsibilities from team lead. Worked on implementing industry standard workflows in young team.

Contributed to setting coding standards, build systems, unit testing etc.

Typescript, React Native, React, Node, tRPC, Express, monorepo, Prisma, Zod, Jest, Styled Components, Firebase, Docker, Render


Micromobility Engineer

Vässla Micromobility
2019-09 to 2022-01
Vässla is a startup with fast changing goals and high pace so during my employment I had a few different roles/assignments.

Full-stack web developer. Build e-commerce solutions for using Next.js & Node microservices

Build web-based management tools using Next.js, serverless node and low-code tools

Team Lead and recruited for small mobile team that launched Vässla Club App. React Native & Hasura + Node Microservices

React Native / Full-stack Dev on two other apps launched by Vässla. Worked on UX as well as design

Built BTLE interface between vehicle and app using Kotlin/Swift

Hardware prototyping projects and integration of external IoT platforms. TCP/Socket communication in Node.

Typescript, React, React Native, Nextjs. Node, GraphQL, UX/UI, Hasura, Microservices, Bluetooth, C, Low code, Jest, Emotion, Tailwind CSS, Gatsby, E-commerce, Vercel, Serverless, AWS, Azure


Product Manager & Developer

2018-01 TO 2019-09
Worked as the only front-end developer on separating Rails project from template based to separate front and backend to API-driven SSR Next.js project.

UX for

High level product strategy with management team. Design Sprint Workshops.

Developed and launched a prototype for a AI-driven candidate matching service

React, Next.js, Rails, UX, Product Management, SpaCy

Namnlös design (30).png

Head of IT

THS Armada
2017-02 TO 2017-12

1-year volunteer project during studies. Recruited and lead IT team of ~10 volunteer developers that build 2 native apps, a website and backend software in <10 months.

How I approach assignments


Short iteration cycles to provide value consistently, and to be able to pivot quickly.


To make sure you always work on what is most important for your business to ensure success.


Building self organizing teams by boost ingintrinsic motivation by creating more ownership in the team.


Communicating helps manage expectations, and find common ground for action. Strong communication and collaboration helps build better, more diverse products.

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