About Singula

Singula's big bang took place in October 2021. She was started by the company sngl with three assignments.

To become Sweden’s first TEAL-organization with self-organizing, democratic, and equal teams.
The teams strive to have high transparency and participation to create engaged team members by spending time on interaction rather than focusing on only tech and data.

Challenge the perception of tech consultants both on the client side and among the consulting companies to create a more sustainable and equal market that leads to a better society.

Offer the best tech-wizards and IT-professionals that create magic in their teams by being the best version of themselves.
We strive to create a Singula-family that follows you on your ever evolving path by helping to build an awesome foundation on leadership and interactions between you and your colleagues, not just technical skills.

The Singula Way

Be your best. Be you.

We are growing.
We are moving at a fast pace, collaboratively building and setting the culture and structure needed for Singula to become the organization we dream of and strive for. We are transparent and share in all that we do, not just on social media, but profit, adversity, and success.

”Teal är ett holistiskt synsätt där människor tillåts ta in hela sitt jag till organisationen”

”Teal is a holistic approach where people are encouraged to bring their whole self to the organization”

Quotes from the book Teal, tillit, transparens: en guide för självorganisering och demokratisering av arbetsplatsen (2021 Helsingborg) by Alicia och Rolf Medina.

Singula is cooperating closely with the researchers Rolf and Alicia Medina to set a scientific foundation for building Singula as a TEAL-organization.

Are you interested in joining us?
We will support you on your path and help you reach your goals of a purposeful, challenging, and evolving career to allow you the lead the life you want to lead.

Our people

Challenge prevailing structures

We are looking for those of you who want to be involved in challenging the prevailing structures for how consulting companies hierarchies have been laid out and functioned historically.
You who may have dreamed of being on your own, but want to be part of a bigger movement, those of you demand to be valued equally, regardless of age and experience, those of you who want to be involved and contribute to your colleagues' success, and help when needed.
Singula is not just a company with the best IT professionals. It is also a company for building friendship and caring about our fellow man.

Do you want to join Singula?

The experience and relationships you build at Singula will follow you and ensure that you can also achieve your dreams and goal of a meaningful, challenging, and exploratory working life that gives you opportunities to live the life you long for.

To join Singula you need an invite. Reach out and someone from Singula will connect and invite. Read more...

The Founders

Roots firmly set in the consulting business

Singula was founded by sngl AB, which is a partnership between five people that shared a vision about a better way to work. Singula is the common manifestation of the people/company that we all want to be a part of. sngl is an investment company and accelerator for companies, people, and ed-tech, that together with partners, create space for new, innovative solutions. The first example of which is Circle Impact that was launched in March 2022.

The founding team has their roots firmly set in the consulting business with more than 15 years of combined experience in the industry, encompassing the different aspects of business such as: organizations, products, and projects. The background of the founding team also includes experience in the public sector, leading the charge in digital transformation within the sector. Together we share a common journey in leadership, training by IERO that has enabled us to seek new perspectives, create purpose, and build a strong basis of psychological well-being.

20 of our consultants from the first year are partners, meaning that they can qualify for an option to buy a 1% share of Singula. Our dream is that Singula will become an employee owned company and thus create an environment that represents the TEAL values authentically.

Our clients

We like different

Our clients vary and can be found in many different sectors. Today we have projects in banking, high tech products, automotive, gaming, and digital service providers.

We choose not to focus on a specific sector, rather we go where our consultants’ aspirations and goals lead them. We build teams around clusters of competence and interests, that’s where the Singula way is at its best.

Do you also want Singula with you on your career journey?

Book a meeting with us

Thought leadership

Singula is not only a company, it is a philosophy. A way to approach yourself, your assignment, and your community. In this life we only have each other, on borrowed time. We must strive to join together in community, and to create a life full of personal development, challenges, and making great memories together. That’s how it is for us as colleagues and for our clients.
How do we achieve that? Follow our podcasts about building TEAL-culture and ways of working to create deliverables and measurable outcomes for increased effect and efficiency. We all share the Singula way.

You can also meet with us at Singula via conferences and meetups, to share, listen, and discuss our thoughts and ideas. To seek new perspectives is the way for us to grow as a company and as a culture.

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